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CUE9 Neem Face Wash with Turmeric- Face Wash Review

CUE9 Neem Face Wash with Turmeric- Face Wash Review

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Today I’m going to share a review of one of my favorite face washes. First thing first, Let me tell you guys that I have extremely dry skin and only a few face washes which I have used till now suited me. This face wash which I am going to discuss today works miraculously for me. To be honest, this product is recommended by one of my friends. Initially, I was skeptical about it as whether it will suit me or not. But, I was amazed by its performance in the first use itself. So, without delaying further let us start the detailed review about CUE9 Neem Face Wash.

Offered By

CUE9 Neem Face Wash with Turmeric- Face Wash Review by Beautinyou

CUE 9 Neem face wash is a new product in the market which only a few people are aware of. Just like Amway, this is also available either at the official website or the distributors. It is offered by ARL Pvt. Ltd. You’ll not only get face washes but you will also get many skin care products from several newly launched brands there.


It is an affordable face wash which retails for 183INR for 100ml. If you compare with other popular brands it is reasonably priced.


The CUE 9 Neem face wash is safe and suitable for all skin types.  No matters, whether you have oily, normal, combination, dry or very dry skin, it’ll suit you. Thumbs up for this!

This is a great face wash for men and women.


CUE9 Neem Face Wash with Turmeric- Face Wash Review by Beautinyou

It comes in regular flip-top tube packing. Its cap it tight and it will not spill during traveling. So, it makes a great travel-friendly option for you.


Aloe Barbadensis extract, turmeric extract, neem extract, and lemon extract.

It has the goodness of herbal extracts of neem, aloe vera, lemon, and turmeric. These healthy active ingredients are packed into the tiny mini beads in the face wash.

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CUE9 Neem Face Wash with Turmeric- Face Wash Review by Beautinyou

It has a gel-like consistency which has small beads. You need to crush those beads, blend with the gel and apply it on your face.

As it is a gel based face wash, it’ll not dry out your face but keeps it moisturized and hydrated.

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You’ll love its mild fragrance which does not bother anyone. As I am someone who does not like fragrance in the skincare and makeup products, it just made me fall in love with its aroma.

Benefits of CUE 9 Face Wash with Turmeric

It deeply cleanses your skin removing all the dirt and pollution from your skin. A cleanse face looks glowing. It has antibacterial properties of neem that helps to control the sebum production in the skin preventing further breakouts. So, it is a great face wash for oily skin people.  The turmeric extracts are also added to reduce dark spots and pigmentation on your face. With Aloe Vera extracts, it keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated. I don’t even feel any need of applying a moisturizer after using it.

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When to Use It?

There is no particular time to use this face wash. It is up to you whether you want to use it in the morning, afternoon, evening, or at night. It works awesome at all times of the day.

A Quick CUE 9 Neem Face Wash with Turmeric Review

Let’s quickly go through the pros and cons of CUE 9 Neem Face Wash


  1. Suitable for all skin types
  2. Mild Fragrance
  3. Affordable
  4. Tight and travel-friendly Packaging
  5. Deeply cleanses your skin
  6. Leaves a cooling effect after use
  7. Prevents breakouts
  8. Controls sebum production


  1. Availability- Only at the official website or at distributors

Recommended or Not?

CUE9 Neem Face Wash with Turmeric- Face Wash Review
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Surely, it gains a thumbs up from me and it is recommended to you for all the reasons mentioned above. As far as I think your search for a face wash for dry skin, face wash for oily skin, face wash for sensitive skin, etc. ends with this face wash. If you want to try this product do check out ARL Pvt. Ltd. This effective yet affordable product will soon take place in your skincare collection.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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